Post-Graduation Success

This section examines the employment status of alumni, contributors to their post-graduation success, and how well they feel UT Austin prepared them for life outside of college. 

Employment Status

Nearly 75% of alumni are employed full time - statistically higher than national comparison graduates.


UT Austin alumni are also significantly more likely to be employed sooner.


Career Services

Overall, 71% of alumni said that they visited the career services office at least once - statistically on par with national comparison graduates. 

Contributors to Success

High proportions of alumni who took a leadership role in a club or organization, or had a paid job or internship say those activities contributed to their success.


Preparation for Life

UT Austin alumni are significantly more likely than national comparison graduates to strongly agree that their alma mater prepared them well for life after graduation. 


Drivers of Preparedness for Life Outside of College

Two support experiences are strong linked to the perception among alumni that UT Austin prepared them well for life outside of college: having a professor who made them excited about learning, and having a mentor who encouraged them.