Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

State of Texas law mandates that the University submit a series of reports to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) on a semester or annual basis. Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems (IRRIS) fulfills this reporting obligation on behalf of the University.

THECB Detailed Data Reports

The Texas Higher Education Data Reports fulfill provisions of the Higher Education Coordinating Act of 1965 as amended (codified as Subtitle B, Chapter 61, Texas Education Code, 1971).  The Public University CBM Reporting Manual provides a detailed description of data elements required for each report.

  • CBM001 - Student Report
  • CBM002 - Texas Success Initiative Report
  • CBM003 - Course Inventory Report
  • CBM004 - Class Report
  • CBM005 - Building and Room Report
  • CBM008 - Faculty Report
  • CBM009 - Graduation Report
  • CBM011 - Facilities Room Inventory Report
  • CBM014 - Facilities Building Inventory Report
  • CBM00B - Admissions Report
  • CBM00E - Doctoral Exception Report
  • CBM00S - Student Schedule Report
  • CBM00X - Students in Self-Supporting Courses and Programs
  • CBM0E1 - Student End of Semester Report

THECB Accountability System

The Texas Higher Education Accountability System is used to track performance on critical measures that exemplify the missions of higher education institutions.