Institutional Surveys Inventory

The following surveys are administered on a recurring basis and are identified as university evaluation surveys that support decision-making related to improving the university experience for UT community members.

Managed by IRRIS

UT Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

A comprehensive assessment of the faculty experience at UT. In partnership with Faculty Affairs.

Student Experience at a Research University (UTell Us) Survey

A comprehensive assessment of the student experience at UT. In partnership with Undergraduate Studies and The Graduate School.

Doctoral Exit Survey

A comprehensive assessment of the doctoral program experience for upcoming graduates. In partnership with The Graduate School.

The Bleed Orange, Live Green Student Survey

An assessment of sustainability knowledge and behaviors among UT students. In partnership with The Office of Sustainability.

Title IX Survey

An assessment of campus experiences related to Title IX violations and an assessment of the university's response to these experiences. In partnership with the Title IX Office.

Managed by Undergraduate College

End of Flags Course Student Survey

This undergraduate survey assesses student outcomes, perceptions, and input on Flag courses.

Student Collaboration Survey

An assessment of student perceptions of their teamwork skills and experiences working in teams.

Self- and Peer-Evaluation Survey

An assessment of student perspectives of their own contributions and experiences working with others in teams.

Signature Course Mid-Semester Survey

To provide information on student experiences in Signature Courses and provide feedback to faculty/instructors.

Signature Course Alumni Survey

To collect feedback from students regarding the impact of their Signature Course on their academic experience.

First-Year Interest Group / Transfer-year Interest Group Survey

An assessment of the relationship between student FIG/TrIG engagement and transition to UT Austin

UT For Me Mid-Year and End of Year Surveys

These surveys assess the UT experience for undergraduate students participating in the UT For Me program powered by the Dell Scholars Team.

Managed by Student Affairs

The National College Health Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of health behaviors among UT students.

The University Celebrations Survey

This undergraduate student survey evaluates the effectiveness of social norming campaigns to reduce high risk drinking.

OSU College Prescription Drug Study

A survey of undergraduate, graduate and professional students that examines the non-medical use of prescription drugs, including the reasons for and consequences of use, access to prescription drugs and perceptions of use among students

National College Bystander Intervention Study (NCBIS)

An assessment of college student experiences with sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, unhealthy alcohol use, the misuse of non-prescription and prescription drugs, hazing, and bias.

AlcoholEdu/SAPU surveys

These surveys are incorporated into the pre-matriculation substance use and sexual assault prevention education modules questions. The surveys evaluate the programs, but also provide a baseline for students behaviors, knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs related to these topics.

Managed by Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Trellis Financial Wellness Survey

This survey is administered to a random sample of undergraduate and graduate students to assess their financial health and concerns.

Additional Information

Placement Surveys

Although the university does not yet participate in a standardized data collection method for placement information, all college and schools engage in their own methodology to learn more about their students' post-graduation career pathways. This information is studied by Career Service administrators on campus. You can contact Troy Autin for more information on undergraduate placement data and Annie Maxfield to learn more about graduate placement data. 

Employee Engagement Surveys

The last campus-wide Employee Engagement Survey was administered in 2017 by the Institute for Organizational Excellence. Human Resources intends to conduct another engagement study in the near future. If you are interested in this subject matter, please contact Human Resources for more information.