Gallup Alumni Survey

Examining the Outcomes and Experiences of Longhorn Alumni

Traditional metrics for measuring the value of a college education — namely, job and graduate school placement rates and alumni salaries — may be the easiest measures of alumni outcomes, but they do not fully capture the experience and impact of a college education. These metrics also do not adequately reflect the missions of higher education institutions and fail to address some of the primary reasons students attend college — not only to obtain a job, but to follow a career path that is particularly fulfilling to them, and to make a meaningful and lifelong contribution to society. 

In each year since 2014, Gallup has surveyed a nationally representative sample of college graduates, now totaling more than 70,000 U.S. graduates. A survey of UT Austin's undergraduate alumni was conducted in the spring of 2017.


Survey Results



Measures well-being in five, interrelated elements among UT Austin alumni.


Post-Graduation Success

Examines the employment status of alumni and their preparation for life after of college.


Collegiate Experiences

Examines the experiential learning opportunities, support, and sense of belongingness.


Cost and Value

Examines how alumni feel about the cost and value of their UT Austin education.

Hook em

Alumni Attachment

Explores the emotional connection between UT Austin alumni and the university.

Full Report

The report includes the exact wording of the questions and a full description of the survey methodology including the interviewing method, sample size, definition of the survey population, and size of sampling error.