Institutional Surveys Consortium

The Institutional Surveys Consortium (ISC) is made up of university representatives with a vested interest in and knowledge of UT surveys designed to inform university decision-making. The ISC meets monthly to discuss survey-related needs and inform each other of survey initiatives or results.

ISC Goal: To improve the coordination, alignment, accessibility, distribution, and communication of institutional surveys in order to improve the use of survey data for planning and decision-making efforts across campus that will lead to better student, faculty, staff, and post-graduate outcomes.

ISC values:

  1. Enhancing opportunities for the university’s voices to be heard.
  2. Collaborating to align and improve survey efforts across campus.
  3. Sharing results with survey stakeholders and respondents in useful ways.
  4. Amplifying awareness of survey activities and transparency of survey results as a means to support university decision-making.
  5. Creating a deeper understanding of institutional trends and actions taken based on survey data.


Contact the ISC before conducting a survey project. They can provide recommendations on the need for and value of the survey project, as well as direct you to survey experts who can potentially assist you with your project.

ISC Members

Gina Magharious, Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems (Facilitator)

Laura Costello, College of Education, Office of the Dean

Danielle Geraci Thoma, Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies

Del Watson, Faculty Affairs, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Emma Wu Dowd, Enrollment Analytics

Helen Wormington, Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement

Linda Neavel Dickens, Strategic Academic Initiatives

Liz Gershoff, Population Research Center

Jennifer Nailos, School of Undergraduate Studies

Miguel Wasielewski, Office of Admissions

Audrey Sorrells, Student Services within the Office of Student Affairs

Troy Autin, Enrollment Management and Student Success

Karen Chawner, Office of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Survey Resources

Institutional Surveys Inventory

Want to learn more about what surveys UT is relying on for institutional knowledge?

Would you like to notify ISC of an institutional survey?

Is your department administering a large-scale survey that will be used to inform university decision-making? Would you like more people at the university to be aware of this survey effort? Email Gina Magharious,