Results from the 2023 COACHE Survey are now available for review. This survey, developed by the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) within Harvard's Graduate School of Education, was administered at UT Austin for the third time in Spring 2023. The survey launched in February 2023 and closed in April 2023. Click on the link to the right to access the 2023 Highlights Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the COACHE  Survey?

The COACHE  Survey, developed by the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE), is a survey devoted to studying the postsecondary faculty experience. This survey covers a wide range of topics including overall satisfaction with the university, experiences with the promotion process, leadership, and governance, as well as teaching and research. 

What is COACHE?

COACHE, or the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education, is a research initiative within Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

Who is eligible to take the survey?

Most tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to take the survey, and professional-track (“non-tenure track”) faculty who are benefits-eligible (with at least a 50% teaching load) are also eligible. Dell Medical School faculty are not eligible to take this particular version of the survey. And faculty with unique relationships to the university, such as Visiting Professors, are not included in the survey sample. 

How many faculty members have participated in previous administrations of the survey?

Response rates indicate the percentage of faculty that answered the survey out of the total number of eligible faculty invited to take the survey. Our 2017 response rate was 36%. Our 2020 response rate was 34%. Our 2023 response rate was 42%. The results from every administration are representative of the population of interests based on a 95% confidence interval, 5% margin of error. 

Who manages the survey data?

The data are collected by the Harvard Graduate School of Education via COACHE. After data collection, Harvard removes all identifying information from the data, and sends the de-identified data to UT Austin’s Office of Institutional Reporting, Research, Information and Surveys (IRRIS). The data are stored on a secure server managed by IRRIS. At UT Austin, only IRRIS can have access to and analyze the data.


Faculty and Staff: Download the 2023 COACHE Highlights Report

Faculty and Staff: Interact with the COACHE data using the link below. Login while on UT Wifi or connected to VPN.