UT Austin Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

2020 Survey Results

best aspects of the university

Best Aspects of the University Experience

Faculty were asked to select the best aspects of their university experience out of a list of 26 aspects.

university quality

University Quality

Faculty were asked a series of items about their overall satisfaction with the university.

opportunities for improvement

Opportunities for Improvement

The following survey themes were identified as opportunities for improvement for UT Austin based on faculty responses.


Diversity and Inclusion

Faculty were asked a series of items about UT's campus climate, which included items pertaining to diversity and inclusion.

The UT Austin Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey is managed by the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE). COACHE is a national program operating from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This faculty job satisfaction survey research allows the university to understand faculty satisfaction and climate issues, and compare them with faculty at peer institutions.

The survey was administered in Spring 2017 for the first time, and in Spring 2020 for the second time.

Frequently Asked Questions about COACHE

  • Who takes the survey?
    • The survey is administered to all non-tenure, tenure-track, and tenured faculty (excluding special case titles, like visiting professor, and excluding non-tenure faculty who teach less than 50% of the time). The survey is not yet administered to Dell Medical School faculty.
  • Who manages the data?
    • The data is collected by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After collection, Harvard removes all identifying information from the data and sends it to UT Austin's Office of Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems (IRRIS). The data is stored on a secure server managed by IRRIS. At UT Austin, only IRRIS can have access to and analyze the data.
  • How will the data be used?
    • IRRIS will create aggregate reports of the data that will be shared with UT Austin faculty and academic leadership to suport evidence-based decision making across the university.
    • Cell sizes less than five will never be shared in any summary reports to ensure data anonymity.
  • How will the results be shared?
    • Results will be shared on the IRRIS website and presented to faculty at various council meetings, including deans council, faculty council, and equity council meetings.
    • Additional presentations of the results or ad-hoc analyses can be conducted. Send these requests to Gina Magharious, Survey Coordinator of IRRIS, at gmagharious@austin.utexas.edu.


2020 Full Report

The report highlights key results, including peer group comparisons and unique differences in the results by faculty characteristics.


Interact with the Data!

UT Faculty and Staff, click here to interact with aggregate summaries of the 2020 Faculty Job Satisfaction data.