This section examines the experiential learning opportunities, support items, and sense of belongingness felt by alumni.

Experiential Learning Opportunities Stronger than Comparison Graduates

The 2015 Gallup-Purdue Index study found that outcomes such as workplace engagement, well-being and alumni perceptions of their alma mater's value - are linked to Gallup's measure of experiential learning. 


Experiential Learning by College


Experiential Learning by Cohort



As with experiential learning, graduates who say they felt supported by faculty and staff during their undergraduate years are more likely to experience positive outcomes. Overall, Gallup classifies 9% of UT Austin alumni as having been supported within their undergraduate experience, whereas Gallup classifies 7% of national comparison graduates as such. 


Recent Alumni Most Likely to Have Felt Supported

Among alumni who agree or strongly agree they had a mentor, the majority (73%) specify that the mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams was a professor. 


Support Experiences by First-Generation College Students