Opportunities for Improvement


The following three survey themes received benchmark scores lower than a 3.00 on a scale from 1.00 to 5.00, thus representing the lowest-rated survey themes by UT Austin faculty:

  • Interdisciplinary Work received a benchmark score of 2.53. This is also the lowest rated survey theme for UT Austin's peer institutions. This theme includes survey items about budget allocations for interdisciplinary collaboration, conducive facilities for interdisciplinary work, and how this type of work is rewarded at the university.
  • Governance Adaptability received a benchmark score of 2.85. This theme includes survey items about how well shared governance holds up in unusual circumstances and how regularly the institution reviews the effectiveness of governance.
  • Governance Understanding received a benchmark score of 2.96. This theme includes items about administration communicating rationale for important decisions and faculty governance structures providing opportunities for input.

Since the administration of this survey, the university developed initiatives to address these opportunities for improvement. In particular, the university formed the Bridging Barriers Initiative, a coordinated effort across multidisciplines to extensively research key issues affecting today's world. The first research project to stem from this initiative is Planet Texas 2050, which tackles climate change and population growth in Texas and focuses on developing programs and policy recommendations in the next eight years that will improve Texas’ adaptability and build its resilience.