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Mission, Values, Vision Statement

The core mission of the office of Institutional Reporting, Research, Information and Surveys (IRRIS) is to demonstrate excellence in federal and state compliance reporting, to successfully administer campus-wide surveys, and to provide university leadership with valid and reliable information to support operational excellence. We are committed to -  

  • Serving and empowering UT Austin, our peers, and the community through data that supports strategic decision making; 
  • Providing quality data with integrity;
  • Demonstrating transparency and accountability through means of credible research;
  • Exhibiting principled stewardship when engaging with internal and external stakeholders; 
  • Promoting data literacy within the university community to ensure appropriate and effective use of the data. 
  • Pursuing personal excellence through professional development and the exploration of innovative technologies;

IRRIS Office

IRRIS consists of a team of analysts devoted to federal and state reporting, data requests, strategic initiatives, and surveys. Contact us at IRRIS@austin.utexas.edu for inquiries. 

Meet our team

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    Shiva Jaganathan

    Chief Data Officer and Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Institutional Reporting, Research, Information and Surveys

Compliance and Reporting

Surveys and Strategic Studies